Saturday, February 15, 2014

Magical Moments "@mertonint"

Magical moments are everywhere.  We just need to take the time to look and appreciate them no matter how big or small.  Magical moments make me smile and I smile a lot during my school day at Merton Intermediate.  :)

The students are magical in their own right.  They are the reason I went into teaching in the first place.  The magic lies within getting to know each student in the room and figure out what makes them tick.  They each have their own special qualities, talents, and gifts.  Each one of them matters and each one has something unique and special to bring to the group.  Our classroom is a family; we are there for one another and we support each other through good times and bad.  My favorite magical moments are when I get to witness the light bulb turn on in the life of a student...there is nothing quite like it.  High-fives and smiles all around!  :)  The intrinsic feeling of, "I get it" can't be beat.

A more personal magical moment happened for me when I discovered twitter back in October of 2013.  I can honestly say, "Where has twitter been all of my life?"  It is amazing!  Twitter allows me to connect with educators all over the world.  We share ideas, we learn from one another, and we connect our classes beyond the four walls of the classroom.  This is magic on a global scale and global is the type of world in which my students will grow up.  Here is a recent example of something that happened on twitter.  I read a blog where "Jose" had these words (see quote below) at the top of his blog. These words spoke to me so I printed them out and hung the message in our staff bathroom for all to see [I learned in college that the bathroom is a great place to post things because it is sure to get read!].  Mr. Posick, our principal, liked the message so much he tweeted it out and from there it just exploded on twitter!  EVERYONE loved it!  Now, mind you, I've never met Jose Popoff, who even though he is from Honduras, his positive message is now being seen around the globe.  I think that is so powerful and that makes me smile!  :)

Some of my favorite magic comes just by walking into school each day and getting to work with incredible people at Merton Intermediate School.  The teachers here are dedicated to helping students reach their fullest potential. Staff put themselves out there to learn new things so they can serve their students in the most relevant way possible.  I am proud to call many staff members my friends.  Having colleagues that I laugh with, learn from, and just plain enjoy being around is magical.  This is a good thing.  After all, I spend a significant amount of time in school.

I invite you to seek magical moments in your day, because after all, people who love their job don't work a day in their life.  My students are what bring me back every day wondering what magical moment will I witness today? That thought alone just brings a smile to my face!

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