Friday, July 18, 2014

Steep Learning Curve Continues

A week of learning about two of the four domains of the Danielson model was stimulating, frustrating, invigorating, and reassuring.  The reassuring aspect is the result of being joined by colleagues of our Effective Educators team and their responses to the videos that we watched.  The nuances of the teaching practice are many and we are charged with sorting out them out according to the components' attributes.  Sounds like a challenge?  Yes it is.  A bit of fatigue set in over time, yet with it comes the realization that learning new ways is hard work, yet we come away with a new skill set to implement.  After a few years of observing teachers practice their craft, these components will certainly assist me in determining the qualities and attributes of those charged with educating our children.  I am very appreciative of the rigorous conversations we had and will use them as I take the assessment next week.  As Paul Simon wrote, "Still crazy after all these years. . . . "

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  1. Well done, Mike! New learning can be a challenge, but it's made easier when you are learning with people that you admire and trust.