Wednesday, November 19, 2014

First #mertonint chat- Sharing our school story

Yesterday evening, we had our first #mertonint chat for our school.  We began the night with a twitter tutorial for 30 minutes for the one staff member (@MrsJones_Merton), one parent, and seven students.  The students used their chromebooks during the chat and tweeted out posts with Mrs. Jones' classroom account (@jonesclass103).  It was an exciting evening for all of us in attendance.

I really didn't know what to expect in terms of attendance, but those who were there really enjoyed the conversation.  We even had a principal from California (Adam Welcome- @awelcome) visit our chat!  The excitement of the students making connections with another school principal was awesome.

This was our first effort in having a chat for our school and the topic was "Sharing our school story".  Instead of the normal hour long chat, we decided to try a half hour the first time.  Some may be disappointed with our turnout, but I realize it takes little steps to build the capacity to have these conversations include more voices.  The ideas that were shared helped me better understand how I can share our school story on twitter and in my weekly smore.  Here is a link to my smore from last week.

Telling our school story is an important part of my job as a principal.  I have used twitter to share our story but I also have a webpage that I update often.  My webpage has daily announcements, a link to my Friday emails, this staff blog, and school board presentations.  Anyone who wants to know something can probably find it there.  I would love to know other ways that you share your school story with your families and the community.

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  1. Jay and kids, it was SO fun to have the opportunity to chat with you all! I'm very impressed with having Middle Schools students participate in a Twitter chat, very cool. Keep up the great work!