Thursday, April 30, 2015

6th grade report from April

At our Building Leadership Team meeting a couple of weeks ago, I asked the staff to provide me with information regarding the "happenings" in their grade level or subject area.  6th grade met this week and provided some highlights of the last few weeks.  They have been doing some creative and engaging things in class and had the opportunity to go on a couple of field trips.  It's great watching them continue to grow as learners and as good people.

  • We have made it through the final projects to be printed in Project Lead the Way. Students created amazing things and we are proud of the work that they did in this first year of 6th Grade Project Lead the Way work. We are excited to see what these students go on to do as they continue in Project Lead the Way.
  • Students completed the 60 day reading challenge on the first of this month. Medals have been ordered and will be handed out soon. Congratulations to all students who participated. Special acknowledgements go to the following students for reaching the Gold level meaning they have read and recorded more than 3600 pages between February 1 and May 1: Erin R., Katelyn K., Lauren V., Jonah L., Brady R., and Cece M.
  • 6th graders headed to Madison on April 16 to learn about the amazing work being done at the college level. Students were inspired by the awesome projects and learned a lot from the displays they visited. Highlights includes watching teachers get lit on fire, eating liquid nitrogen ice cream, wearing virtual reality goggles, playing with ooblek and earth models.
  • We headed to Schaumberg, IL for Medieval Times to experience life in the royal tournament. Students were entertained and fed lunch as we saw jousting, sword fighting, falconry, and royalty.
Look for more stories from our 6th graders in the weeks to come, and thanks for reading.

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