Friday, April 24, 2015

Merton = Family

There is nothing sweeter than the sound of children singing.  And that's just what we did the last hour of the day before winter break.  It was wonderful. Over 400 5th - 8th graders, gathered in the gym, singing Christmas carols together.  

But wait.  It does get better. Next, the drama group made their debut by performing a wonderful rendition of "The Twelve Days of Christmas."  

But gets better!  We have more celebrating to do!  Have you ever done something for 10,000 days straight?  Neither have I.  Christmas Day will mark Jay's 10,000th day of running in a row.  That's over 27 years of running every day (I did the math)!  Next, we watched a video specially made for our principal, Jay Posick.  The video was made by his voxer PLN from around the world! Wait...who are all of those special people waiting in the wings?  Is that Geniene Delahunty from Kentucky?  Why yes, it is! She is from Jay's voxer group and orchestrated this wonderful event that's about to unfold before our very eyes! Geniene came out onto the gym floor (much to Jay's surprise) to present him with gifts from the voxer group.  (Mind you, Jay and Geniene had never met face-to-face before...ahhh...the power of twitter!)

Enter stage left, Jay's family: Jen, his wife, Lauren, his daughter, his parents Mr. & Mrs. Posick, and his sister Priscilla.  All there to join in this special moment. Isn't it a shame that Jay's voxer group couldn't be there to witness this momentous occasion?  Oh, wait!  They could!  And they did!  Thanks to Tina Heizman, our Technology Director, setting up a private Google Hang Out for the event!  So the power of technology brought the whole world together right in the gymnasium of Merton Intermediate School.  Mind blowing!

Wait for it...there's more!  Next, our superintendent, Mr. Ron Russ, got up and gave an incredible speech about the power of perseverance, dedication, and discipline and how Mr. Posick emobodied all of these with his feat, pardon the punn, of 10,000 days of running.

The end is drawing near.  To end this wonderful assembly, we had four students come up to hold a banner/finish line that was brightly colored and said, "10,000 Days of Running."  Jay was presented a Merton blue running jersey, which he promptly put on, and then he "burst" through the finish line while the whole gymnasium erupted in applause!

So you see, Merton does equal family.  We celebrate with each other, we support one another (during highs and lows), and we work together to accomplish goals that enrich the lives of students and staff alike.  

Special thanks to the staff for going along for the ride on this one and keeping it a secret!  Special shout out to: Ron Russ who was immediately on board for this whole event to take place, Jeff See for contacting me back on September 22nd via twitter, Dana Erato for organizing the sing along and drama club presentation, Tracey McGinnis for helping with microphones, sound, and lighting, Jim Binney for video help, Mary Shannon for making the banner and jersey scene come together (great idea!), Matt Pomeroy for organizing the student banner holders, Becky Oppermann for getting the bracelets passed out upstairs, Barb Emmerich for trying to keep a lid on this whole thing in the office, Mike Budisch for his unending support, and to staff members who wrote private e-mails to me offering to help in any way they can and to remind me how "cool" this all was.  You know who you are.  I would be remiss if I didn't thank our students for being so awesome throughout the entire assembly.  

Congratulations to our lead learner, Jay Posick, on his accomplishment.   

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. 

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