Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Kids Are Listening!

Yesterday was one of those days….not THOSE days but THOUGHZ-DAYS!  It was a day I will not soon forget.  It all started when one of my students came up to me and handed me a drawing on her white board that she had been working on.  It looked like this:

As teachers we get many of these special pictures and notes throughout the year that we tape to our desk and take down later (how lucky are we?).  Now make no mistake each note is special but for some reason THIS note was extra special to me on this day.  Why?  Take a look in the lower right hand corner of the drawing. She wrote, “and loves us like a family.”  I almost started to cry when I read that.  I looked up at her big blue eyes and told her she had just made my day and gave her a big hug.  She quickly pointed out that the bottle she drew was the Diet Coke bottle I had received a few weeks earlier from a boy in our classroom for my birthday.  The bottle had the word "family" on it!  Again, #blessed.  I digress…

You see, the first weeks of school are critical in building relationships and community in our classrooms so I constantly tell our class, “You’re like family to me.  You’re my second family and I love coming to see you each day.”  And I MEAN it from my heart, if I didn’t the kids would be able to tell I was faking it…it’s a gift that kids possess.  So when the girl in our class handed me her white board drawing and I saw her message about family it told me the kids are listening and they hear my message loud and clear!  #heartwarming.  At that moment I could have literally done a “mic drop” and been done for the day because I was completely 100% fulfilled.  It instantly recharged my batteries and made me want to go home and prepare rock star lessons for my class who is so deserving. 
So in the end I learned, keep talking, keep sending positive messages because the kids ARE listening. 

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