Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Merton Parents Rock!

Good morning!  And yes, it is a good morning!  Do you want to know why?  My morning started out with a Merton parent showering me with a random act of kindness!  How cool is that?  You see, she was parked in the front of the Intermediate building waiting for her son to return, while I had just arrived at school with my heavy school bag, purse, and a twelve pack of my beloved Diet Coke in tow.  As I walked up to the door, struggling with my belongings, this awesome mom got out of her car and said, "Let me help you Mrs. Jones!"  She took the Diet Coke that was precariously balancing on my arm!  What a relief! "Thank you," I replied!  We walked into school together chatting and reminiscing about her son I had in fourth grade.  She escorted me to my room and set the Diet Coke down inside.  We smiled, hugged, and laughed. What a great way to start my day.  Thank you Mrs. B.  You made my day and reminded me of how nice the families are here at Merton School.       

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