Sunday, December 6, 2015

Learning on a Saturday!

We gathered at Barnes & Noble.  We selected books for our classroom library. We laughed and enjoyed each other's company.  We did all of this on a Saturday afternoon.  There was even some math involved!  SAY WHAAAATTTT? Yes, you heard right!  The "Jones Class 103" met at a Barnes & Noble this past Saturday morning to purchase books for our classroom library. We were able to do this through a generous grant provided by the Merton PTO.

This was an optional activity for our class, yet thirty-eight people including students, parents, siblings, and even some grandparents, came to our event!  It was awesome!  We saw smiles, excitement, and even students picking out books for other students who were unable to attend.  Parents were helpful in collecting the books and getting them to the check-out station.  Additionally, we had parents donating their own money so that we could purchase additional books for our classroom!  Everyone was in the holiday spirit. Don, the manager of Barnes & Noble, was a wonderful person with whom to work in terms of setting up this event.  It was fun to meet Don in person on Saturday along with Nicole who took fabulous care of us by helping with locating the books we were after and finalizing the purchasing of all our books.  Other Barnes and Nobles workers, Kelly and Cory, were extremely helpful to us that day as well. As you can see, it took a village to make this a successful event.

It is an honor and privilege to work in a district where families are willing to come out on a Saturday afternoon so their children can get books for our classroom library.  Thank you to the Merton families who participated, to the Merton PTO, with whom this event would not have been possible, and of course, to Barnes and Noble of Brookfield for being such a tremendous help in the whole process.

Gathering outside waiting for all to arrive!

Fabulous 5th Graders!

If you would like to see a video of our experience, please click on the link below: